Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is the world coming to ?

Hello World againnn!

Did any of you realize how fast the clocks are ticking? Remember that fateful day when the most powerful nation in the world was very rudely awoken from its deep slumber by a bunch of lunato sapiens who desperately wanted to break their earthly bondage for no reason other than probably extra cramming for the Day of Judgment? And in doing so, they forced 3000 other humans to do the same. More than 7 years have passed since the day that scarred the face of modern history but why does it still seem like yesterday? Why do those live pictures of CNN never seem to die in my mind?

This just goes to show that the world we live in is so inscrutably full of madness that it is impossible to identify what is rot from what is not. Recently I was watching a very interesting documentary about a little known effect called global dimming (follow the link to know more...but only after reading this post :P), which is actually cooling the earth. How is it caused? Primarily due to particulate emissions which are part and parcel of all greenhouse emissions. Right at this moment you will say "Hey wait a minute...Are you saying that pollution is actually good for the earth?!?!!". Well there are always two sides to a coin. We can either try and completely eliminate all GHG and particulate emissions and let this blue planet remain blue. Or we can go on 'proportionally' polluting the earth by emitting GHG and particulates in equivalent amounts so that global warming is 'offset' by global dimming (if we are confident enough that we can mutate into a new species that can live off a GHG-particulate mixture instead of Oxygen). The human mind thinks of infinite possibilities. Newsflash! We have just set off a time bomb and we happen to live on it! Small wonder then, that the world is really going zany!

And to think that all this research took a substantial shape on and because of that fateful day that I was alluding to earlier is part of the inextricable web of occurrences that certainly eludes the imagination of any living being. Whew, this is a world of double entendrés, contradictions and where the best player in the world somehow never gets the better of the second best! Really now, what is the world coming to?

I guess that is the way the Cookie Crumbles !

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sunita said...

A very thought provoking write Adi.....very humane in nature :)