Friday, February 13, 2009

The Juke Box

Right-ho!! Here's another scintillatingly spectacular foray of mine into Cyber-nature's megaphone!

Loads of strange things have been happening last Q3 and continuing into Q4...ha you must have by now recognized that I'm referring to a period of three months of a year as a 'quarter' ... 'Q' in fact! Actually that forms one of these weird things that I've been alluding to. Since there have been so many bizzare events unfurling in front of my eyeballs that its difficult not to miss anything and keep the eyes open simultaneously (Okay, I agree its a weird excuse), I have made a list of the top 10 'happenings' across both the Qs. So here goes the same (in no particular order, neither preference nor chronological)...

1. 26-11!!! And all the poltergeist-ish politcking!

2. Well, before I forget it, let me tell you that the editorial page in the Economic Times has become the thing that I look forward to the most every morning these days. No day ever seems complete without me 'absorbing' all its contents. Now if that ain't weird, what is??!???! Hey, I HATED that paper. I said it had yellowed pages; whenever someone said the content was good, I said the line spacing wasn't 'ergonomically suited' for reading with the eyes without using a Sherlock Holmes brand investigation lens. I'm not clear as to what exactly happened...the details are too sketchy...probably a recessionary spin off. But presently, I began to ADORE that paper!! So much so, that I actually 'missed' it when I went home for a fortnight recently!

3. I'm about to become Santa Claus! Don't believe it, do you? Recently a chocolate company asked me if I would work in its logistics function. Roughly translated and transliterated, that means I would be distributing chocolates for a living. Even more coarsely, bumpily and jaggedly (they are ALL synonyms of 'rough') translated and transliterated, that means Santa!

4. Roger Federer cried!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...waaaaaaaahaaahaaaaaa... and I tell you I didn't like it. Actually I've gotten sick of this pseudo-southpaw who says "el sol" for the sun, always sticking his foot out at the wrong time. And Fed-Ex just trips! I mean he is absolutely clueless!! I'll let you on to a secret...There are five stages to this 'always-losing-to-the-guy-you-hate-to-lose-to' syndrome. A) Shock B) Denial C) Distrust, where you argue and provide conclusive evidence that the 'foe' is doping, only to find out that they've changed the doping laws! Oops! D) Steely determination to get over it E) Getting on with it by doing other things in life. I'm at stage 5 as far as this Fed-Rafa tryst is concerned. Poor Fed still seems to be in stage 2. Take nothing away from Rafa though. Ok Fed, now let's move on to Roland 'Rafael' Garros...oops! Anyway, Vamos!!!

5. Edwin 'frozen butter fingers' van der Sar has gone over 20 hours without the 8 inch sphere crossing that white line behind his feet!!! Not that he's bad but surely he can't be better that the Great Dane can he?? But why do I care...Man Utd is still the greatest team in the world and Chelsea has become 'Hell-See'. The Scousers thought they had a shot at the title...they are red, but they aren't DEVILS you see! And what do I say of Arsenal; their arsenal has just fizzed out! Go United!!!

6. Barack H Obama, 'The Blessed One' has become the first 'black' President of the United States. That's what they're saying...I'm no fan of racism, and neither are 'they' purportedly..then why call him that??? Personally I feel he should be treated like any other prez before him...not the last three, they were too busy having affairs with Iraq, Monica, Afghanistan, Iraq (agonizingly) and almost Iran respectively in chronological order. Come to think of it, these were the three presidents that I was aware of from the time that I was born! I'm not in a position to comment on how 'they' treated their president before 1990 because either I wasn't born or I was too young to care about the nitty gritty of the treatment meted out to a typical US President! So, call him whatever you want but wait until he's done something, will ya?

7. ARR gets nominated for the Oscars neither for the greatest composition that he's ever done nor for the greatest film that I've watched! Its great to see ARR nominated and he deserves it but have the jury of the Oscars heard/heard of Delhi-6? Or RDB? Or Taal? Or Bombay? Dunno...speculation is rife :P


9. Losstralia is down in the dumps Down Under!!! I hate to be a hater but this is a prospect that is worth drooling about! Symonds has gone a rung back in the evolutionary ladder and now he can't even utter the right words, Ponting's lost his marbles, Haddin cheats and wants to be apologized to, Clarke and Katich are kicking each other on the shins in the dressing room, that's one plateful of the most perfect chaos, ready to serve!!!

10. And all ye non believers beware! There ARE crocs in the Vihar Lake...So next time when you plan to go on a sunset sojourn on the rocky banks of the VL, watch out for the rocks...each one of them looks like a croc...or is it the other way around? Dunno...that's philosophy, and I'm not used to it. But DO take a cam!!!

Well, that's the way those 10 Cookies Crumbled !

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