Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Of Heavens, Headbutts and Heavenly Paradoxes!!!

The Heavens have opened. It's raining the proverbial 'cats and dogs'. It's as though Poseidon had evaporated along with the sea and, in his famed fury, punched holes in the firmament above with his legendary trident, his minions hosing down thin streams of the purest form of Di-hydrogen Oxide through tufts of blackened cotton in the cerulean sky.

Impressive, one might say. Well, everything ought to fall in the right place at the right time; be it a festival, or a piece of jigsaw, or, you guessed it...the rain. Now, the world is a Divine Paradox. So there are ought to be places where instead of raining cats and dogs, thin wispy clouds do not think of sending down even the usual, normal drops of rain. It all boils down to 'survival of the fittest' in either of such extreme conditions. Enter Mr Darwin. "All species are in a state of continuous conflict with each other" he says. Hullo! That is really interesting! Does that mean that all our wonderful relationships are actually 'conflict'? Food for thought.

If you are really following the bread crumbs, you would realize that the world around you is a part of a great practical joke created by Him. One example. Imagine...the greatest tyrant of all time, the sternest autocrat ever, Adolf Hitler, was a vegan and was endowed with probably a greater oratory ability than any man in mankind's one million years on this blue planet! And now compare him to a scion of peace, truth and nonviolence, the Mahatma, who secretly ate meat in his childhood and felt as if his legs were made of marshmallow (courtesy JKR) every other time he was on stage! Paradoxical? You bet! Yes, probably it is also not advisable to try and bring out the wrong side of a person who is essentially a genius, a 'good' genius. The results would be catastrophic, like the atomic bomb and the Zidane headbutt.

Marco Materazzi would know!

And that's the way the Cookie Crumbles !

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sunita said...

very very Impressive......a very natural flow of thoughts......:)