Monday, July 28, 2008

The Joker Steals the Show !!!

The Dark Knight...
...a quintessential title suggesting that only one man could steal the thunder over here...The Batman!!!

But Goodness Gracious, it wasn't to be ! Now, we have seen Bat Movies earlier and we all know that most of them have fizzled out. Probably one reason for that was there wasn't a Bad Guy competent enough to match all those gizmos and gimmicks of Batty with some of his own...but still, nothing was performance oriented.

And if there's something refreshingly different in this movie than all other comics based movies and most of its contemporary competitors, it is PERFORMANCE.

Now we all know that the Bad Guy loses, but hold on to your horses! Is it always true? In this case, although the Baddie did, technically speaking, lose in the end, it was The Joker who actually stole the show! Kudos to Heath Ledger for putting up such a mesmerizing performance. Ever imagined a man trying to be funny, terrifying, diabolical and nutty... all at the same time?? Well in that case The Dark Knight is the perfect prescription for you. How the bloke did that is a secret that remains, most unfortunately, buried forever along with him.

Although how he makes a pencil disappear is an issue of viewer discretion, yet, with due respect to Jack Nicholson and all the cartoon versions of the Joker, I would say that if The Joker ever existed, then it has got to be like this. And if a person ever deserved an Oscar, it has got to be one Mr Heath Ledger !!!

And that's the way the Cookie Crumbles !


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who thinks like me? said...

Excellent critique